Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ed Gillet: From Monterey to Maui

I recently photographed Ed Gillet who in 1987 set off on a solo, self-supported kayak expedition from Monterey, California, to Maui, Hawaii. Using a stock Necky Tofino kayak loaded with 600 pounds of food and gear, Gillet self-propelled his boat using only a sextant to navigate the 2,200 mile journey across the Pacific. Amazingly, 64 days later, he arrived safely and lived to tell of his incredible feat. Four days prior to reaching land, Gilett ran out of food and survived on nothing but toothpaste before finally arriving outside Maui's Kahului Harbor. "It amazes me that I didn't die," Gillet once told a reporter. Ed Gillet is the only person to have ever completed this epic crossing via kayak.

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